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    Default Rules And Essentials


    • Violations of these rules may result in an infraction or a ban
    • Read the whole thread before asking any questions. 7 out of 10 times it has already been answered
    • Please respect streamers as they spare their personal time to put up a stream
    • If you have a disagreement or an issue with any member or post, then please use the report button
    • Links to Chatrooms are not allowed in the Daily Threads or in Signatures
    • Additional Rules - WiZiWiG Forum Rules
    • Simply you are not allowed to request for a stream of any game...

      SO QUIT ASKING FOR STREAMS TO GAMES! IF WE HAVE IT, WE HAVE IT, AND IF WE DON'T, WE DON'T! This rule applies to question type posts such as "Will there be a Caps link?" or "Why aren't there any Wild links?" and also to "moaning" posts about there being a lack of coverage for your favorite team. If we have a stream, we make a conscious effort to add it to the first post (though sometimes things do fall through the cracks because we mods do moderate more than this forum, which means you should read the thread in full). If we don't have a stream for your game, asking 20,000 times won't magically make a game stream appear and needlessly clogs up the daily threads. While the streamers do what they can, they're not miracle workers and you'll just have to accept that sometimes, we just can't get a game on.
    • Take the time to learn about the Software and how to use it
    • Be sure your PC's date and time are correct
    • Sometimes you need to close and reopen your browser. ie: Firefox, IE
    • Get the most recent Flash update
    • Sometimes the software needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled.
      This stuff works >>>>>
    • Download StreamTorrent Build 0078 and you should read ST Guide as well. It's easier to use than TvAnts
    • StreamTorrent won't connect? Apply this patch: A Solution to Net State - Not Connected and the Red X
    • Download TvAnts ...Windows Firewall should have exception for tvants.exe; open Ports 16800 & 16900 in both UDP & TCP
    • For StreamTorrent it's streamtorrent.exe; ports 15800 & 15900
    • Install the connections patch, especially for Windows XP users, at: Software Overview
    • Vista users using TvAnts (or ST) need to read > Fix-tvants-vista-wmp11
    • Other software... TVU ; Sopcast; WMP; VLC; etc which can be found in the Wiziwig installer packages and the appropriate forums.
    • UK Users may need a Proxy. Using TOR would cover it. More background here Tor (anonymity network) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ~Thanks Big Mac!
    • If you have an issue, clear your cache and cookies before using the new proxy.
    • Or you may need to try and Repair/Reset Winsock settings

    Having issues viewing a StreamTorrent or TvAnts stream? Use VLC!
    • Download VLC at and install it.
    • Turn on TvAnts. Right click on the streaming picture window, go to "Properties" and copy the .asf link you find.
    • Turn on StreamTorrent. Click and Lock the channel you wish to watch. Then... right click on the streaming picture window, go to "Properties" and copy the .asf link you find.
    • In VLC, go to "File" and open a network stream.
    • In the HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/MMS box, paste in the asf link.
    • Click on "OK" and sit back and watch in VLC. Close the StreamTorrent or TvAnts picture window, but DO NOT close out of the application, for this closes the stream. (Side note: The asf link will change for each stream. Usually the last number is what changes.)
    • Search the TVAnts forum at Wiziwig Forums ...or... The StreamTorrent forum at Wiziwig Forums
    • Still can't find an answer? Start a thread in the StreamTorrent or TVAnts forum and ask for help.
    • Record with VLC! Click Here!

    Using VLC for SopCast streams

    All SopCast streams can be viewed with VLC, but for some streams it is mandatory. VLC can also be a option worth trying if a stream buffers but won't load correctly.

    To Use VLC

    Using Windows Vista? Can't click on a link and load it?
    • Right-click on the link and select Copy
    • Go to the SopCast address bar and paste the link
    • OR, hover the mouse on the link, and the SopCast channel URL will appear in the browser status bar at the bottom of the URL. Type that URL into the SopCast address bar

    Additional Info

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