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Thread: FAQ for viewing NCAA football streams

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    The following FAQ was originally written by Tokar for the NFL forum. There were a lot of good points made in it that I felt it was worth sharing in the NCAA forum as well (with a few minor tweaks to turn it from NFL to NCAA.)

    The FAQ for streaming NCAA football:

    1) Where can I find a schedule for NCAA football?
    This forum is the best place for the schedule. A weekly stickied topic will give you all known streams available. Check it late Friday or early Saturday for a scheudle that should be nearly finalized, but last-minute changes will always arise. It's always a good idea to keep checking (refreshing) the thread for updates and late stream links. Some streams can only be found after the game starts!

    2) Can I request a stream for a game that is not being streamed?
    No. If a streamer doesn't schedule it, if there is no link, you can't request it. We don't have enough streamers and it clogs up the thread with useless posts. WiZiWiG's NCAA forum is the most comprehensive listing of College Football on the web. If it's free... we nearly always have the link. Be helpful and post found links that comply with our streaming policy. Banned streams are auto-posted with a substitution of *********** 's for the offending characters. Do not re-post these links and kindly delete your post with the reason as "banned stream". Thank you.
    *The ONLY exception to this rule is if a streamer starts a thread and asks for your input. Otherwise, do not request any streams.

    3) Where can I download StreamTorrent?
    Do not go to It's a spam site now. Use this link >> Download StreamTorrent Build 0078 and you should read ST Guide as well.

    4) I'm watching a stream and the quality is not great, is there anyway to improve it?
    Usually, there is nothing you, as a viewer can do but be patient. The feed may improve with time. Especially at the start of a game. Nearly everything related to the quality of the stream is controlled by the streamer - the resolution, the bitrate and the quality control. If there is a connection issue or other issue you should read the "Essentials" section in the first post of the Weekly Streaming Thread.

    5) Is there anything I can do to improve my viewing experience?
    There are several things you can do to improve your performance:
    -Turn off all other forms of Peer-2-Peer filesharing (Utorrent, Limewire, Cabos, BitTorrent, DirectConnect, etc.)
    -Try to avoid all forms of downloading and uploading.
    -Avoid watching two games simultaneously on StreamTorrent/TVUPlayer/SopCast/TVants unless you have more than 2mbps of upstream bandwidth.
    -Windows XP SP3 users can expand their connections from 10 to 500 by following the instructions at:
    -Windows7 users can expand their connections by following the instructions at:
    -Read the "Essentials" section in the first post of the Weekly Streaming Thread.

    6) Can I create two instances of Sopcast to watch two games at once?
    Yes. Click on the Option tab in Sopcast and under "General", uncheck the box beside "Allow only one instance of SopCast." Now you can open two instances of SopCast and watch two streams.
    What about StreamTorrent?
    Yes. Open StreamTorrent. Start one stream. When the viewer has finished buffering and you're getting the stream, go back to the ST main window and "Lock" the channel you are currently watching. Now select another stream to watch. Both viewers should show different streams if you have the bandwidth.

    7) Can I watch two games, one game on StreamTorrent and one game on SopCast, TVUPlayer or TVants?
    Yes, but it is not recommended unless you have 2mbps of upstream bandwidth.

    8) I see that a channel is listed for the game I want to see, but it is not working. What is wrong?
    Nothing. All you have to do is ask yourself "what time is it?" If the answer is not "a few minutes before the start of the game" then the stream probably will not work. Most streams will not start until the beginning of the game, so be patient.

    9) I turned on the right channel the correct Eastern US time, but I don't think it's the right game. It looks like another game is finishing. I am missing the start of my game. What is wrong?
    Sometimes, if a game runs long on a national channel like ABC or ESPN, the network will stay with that game before joining the next game. The streamers have no control over this.
    Other times, a game may run long on one channel (i.e. ABC) when a streamer's next game is scheduled to begin on another channel (i.e. NBC.) It will be the streamer's decision as to what to do. In most cases, the streamer will wait until the first game ends, as courtesy to those fans watching that first game. However, if the first game is a blowout, the streamer may just decide to show the second game in full. These can be difficult decisions, but they're made for the best interests of all watching.

    10) Is there a 24/7 stream of ESPN, ESPN2, or ESPNU?
    Yes, but the your isp or cable provider must have an agreement with WatchESPN. There may be other independent streams. Check the weekly streaming thread and test the links for ESPN games to see if they are 24/7 is your best bet.

    11) Is there a 24/7 stream of any specialty channels like Pac-12 or the Big Ten Network?
    Neither one of those has a 24/7 stream at this time. There may not ever be one, either.

    12) Is there any value to recording the streams I am watching?
    Not really, but recording does have one simple benefit. If you are very impatient and do not want to wait for any torrents for the games to show up, or the stream is buffering a lot, recording has its benefits. A) you can record the stream, as it is live (delayed by a couple minutes, though) and watch a recording immediately after the game is over, B) recording makes a poor-buffering channel seem like it never buffered at all - see question 13.

    13) The channel I am watching does buffer but it never gets high enough so that I can watch. What can I do?
    In terms of watching it live - nothing. Either the streamer has to drop his quality down, which requires restarting the stream, or or something with the streamer's upstream is problematic and will be resolved with time.
    If you are one who does NOT mind watching a game immediately after it is complete, and you dont want to wait until a torrent appears, you can record the stream. See, even though SopCast is buffering with a low buffer, the stream is still being downloaded (which is the key). If it is being downloaded, it can be recorded. All you have to do is get a copy of the free FlashGet ( and tell it to download while SopCast is buffering. You will NOT be able to watch the stream as it is recording, however when you stop recording and watch the recorded video, it will seem like you never had buffering problems at all. Again, though, you wont be watching it live if you dont mind that.

    14) How do I record a stream I am watching on SopCast?
    One of two ways:
    A) there is a button above the sopcast window, it is two concentric circles, a white circle inside of a blue circle. It is to the right of the zoom button. Just click this and SopCast will ask you to Open File, which is just asking you to specify a name and location for the file. Click OK and recording will start.
    B) While watching the stream use FlashGet (free) to download the stream. In FlashGet, click NEW, and use the address as the URL, then click OK. The default download location is c:\downloads. To stop recording in FlashGet, highlight the entry in the upper right box which is the recording, click pause, and then click delete (this just deletes the job, not the recorded file). Then locate the recorded file, by default it will be in C:\Downloads. Remove the .jc! file extension. Now play the video in your favorite video player.

    15) How do I record a stream I am watching on TVUPlayer? TVants?
    For TVUplayer, the directions are the same as in 14B, except the address is
    For TVants, the directions are also the same as in 14B, excep the address is

    16) Someone posts a last-minute stream, and says it's on SopCast channel XXXXX. Typing in the channel number by itself doesn't work. What do I do?
    This URL is the universal URL for a SopCast channel: sop://
    Replace the Xs with the channel number you are given, and copy/paste it into the address bar on the SopCast application.

    17) What is this "VLC" thing people mention. Does it help clear any issues up?
    All streams on Stream Torrent or Sopcast can be viewed with VLC, though for a select few streams this is mandatory. Additionally, sometimes VLC can stream a few seconds or more ahead of what shows up in StreamTorrent or Sopcast itself, which can help reduce your lag between the stream's source and when you watch it.

    To use VLC to watch a StreamTorrent channel: Download VLC at OldVersion(dot)com ...or... New Version 2.0.0 - and install it.
    You cannot use VLC to watch a stream unless it is already playing in StreamTorrent. Open the main StreamTorrent application window. Start and Lock the channel you wish to watch. Then... once the stream has buffered & is playing, right click on the streaming player window, go to "Properties" and copy the .asf link you find. In VLC, go to "File" and open a network stream.In the HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/MMS box, paste in the asf link. Click on "OK" and sit back and watch in VLC. Close the StreamTorrent player window, but DO NOT close out of the application, for this closes the stream. (Side note: The asf link will change for each stream. Usually the last number is what changes.)
    Remember to Unlock the channel when you are done watching your stream. Record with VLC! Click Here!

    To use VLC for Sopcast, download VLC at and install it , then start the Sopcast stream and let it buffer. Then open VLC, go to Open Network Stream, select HTTP option, and type in (if not working, try port 8912). You MUST leave Sopcast running; closing Sopcast closes the stream. If the stream gives sound in both VLC and Sopcast, mute the sound on Sopcast, or try to hit the refresh button so the Sopcast screen goes blank, but the VLC screen stays intact.

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