There are a few options, to watch Afreeca again;

1) With Proxifier and using Socks5 proxies

2) With Proxifier and using http proxies

3) With Tor + using proxifier

3) With a Socks5 proxy in Proxifier (allows you to watch longer then with http

Using a Socks5 proxy it's all very easy...

================================================== =============================================

Make sure to have Proxifier on your pc, if not, download it first Install it.
Then, run this patch to make the trial a full program:
Ofcourse install it.

Start proxifier

first make it Afreeca only, go to options --> proxification rules --> proxy only the following + manually proxified --> Add one :
Rule Name = Afreeca
Applications = afreecaplayer.exe (search for this one where you installed afreeca!)
ip ranges =
port = 3456
press OK!
Then make sure it's selected!

Search for a proxy

for example you find this one, make sure to get a South Korea one;
South Korea 8001 fc24 888 OK socks5

To check if it works, use proxychecker;
Start it --> Proxy server --> add the ip, it's 203.... , port = 8001
protocol = Socks5
use authitencation --> username = fc24 pass=888

This is the same for every other proxy, but username and stuff changes!!!

Add a Proxy

Then you need to add a proxy in Proxifier, to work with Afreeca. This can be done by going to Options --> Proxy Settings --> Add
first enter an ip adress, secondly the port, then socks 5, with username and pass and fill in the info;
South Korea 8001 fc24 888

Add it the same was as with proxifier. Then it's easy, make sure the one is selected and press ok.

Starting Afreeca player

Login on Afreeca. If you didn't register yet, read here ;

if you did register, on the left fill in your username first, then your pass. press the button right near it! (
f you're logged in you see the username there.

To watch, click trhe blue button.

Make sure to allow pop-ups, as you get regular updates with Afreeca. Then you will get the window as can bee seen on our guide.

Finding a channel

Right on top, you see a search box.Type VS or LIVE in it, and press enter. You will get alot of channels. Select one and see if it's football. Otherwise select another one. Look to the images.
If you got a stable channel then you can untick the proxy, then it will go faster, After a while you get a ok message that your proxy expired, you can't switch anymore from channel, but that isn't needed when it runs fine. Otherwise reconnect again using a proxy.

* It gives an error when clicking: Your proxy is expired, try again with new proxy, close and start again from beginning with searching for a proxy.

Have fun! :D

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2) With Proxifier, using http proxy

1.Download a trial version of proxifier : Install it.

Then, run this patch to make the trial a full program:

Or Try Proxycap;

2. You need a korean proxy. There are a lot of sites that update daily proxies from different countries. I used or . Some of the Ip works some does not .You gotta try till you find a working one.

To check if the proxy is working; use this checker:

3. Run Proxifier. Open Proxy settings from the menu and "add" a working korean proxy.
I have checked protocol HHTP but it might work with socks 4 and 5 too ( I will try them too but I have no idea what they are) . Just use HTTP protocol.
Then I have checked "appears as Internet explorer 6". Moaybe will work even if it is not cheked.

4. Log in to and click the blue button. You are supposed to open the player.
The speed might be low because of the poxy but you can disable it from proxifier once you have open the player. I don't know if it continue to use the proxy or it start using you real ip. If the last, you gotta see Afreeca just like you use to see it before they made the restrictions.

So this is how to do it :
Login to Afreeca , then select a working proxy in Proxifier ,Start with a proxy (press blue button), when loading Afreeca disable the proxy (be sure the window shows up instead of yes/no message).

Disable proxy : so untick it and then press oke. LEAVE Proxifier RUNNING!!! don't close! , then you can watch all channels :D

================================================== =========================================

3) How to watch Afreeca easily with Tor:

1. Download Vidalia bundle from here:
2. Install only TOR form the bundle. Whoever is using mozilla can install Turbutton too (it's a plugin so you can easily run and stop tor form your browser). You can also insltall Provixy(it's some kind og web anonymizer) if you now how to use it for some cases. I have not learn when it can be usefull so far.
3.Find TOR servers. Here is a list of working severs by Country:
I preffer using this site because you can check is the servers are actvie and there is more detail info:

4. In our case we need a korean server. From the search menu in choose KR(from CC dropdown menu) and tor26 form directory. You can use and the other directories but my results shows that tor26 is the most reliable one. The most important thing is the where is says RUNNING and EXIT to bes YES. Also make choose the one that is FAST and STABLE.
Right now "oxyATdual" has very good characteristics.

5. Usually when you install TOR is comes with default settings and it does not use only one server but it choose random ones, In order to make TOR works only with a server from a desired country you have to do the following:
Go to C:\Documents and Settings\Your Account Name\Application Data\Tor
Open "torrc" file with any text editor you have. On the very top delete everything that is above the ## ## ##(where the comments are) and add this:

ExitNodes server name
ExitNodes server name
StrictExitNodes 1

In hour case where we want only korean server add the server names from
It will looks like that

ExitNodes oxyATdual
ExitNodes Ktulhu
StrictExitNodes 1

You can add as many serves as you can find in case the first one doesnot connect it will proceed with the next one but if you fins fast and stabel server you can put only one.

Save the torcc file

6. Start "tor.exe" form the directory it has been installed in. A cmd window will open, wait untill it says that Tor successfully has open a circuit.

7. Make sure to have Proxifier on your pc, if not, download it first; Install it.
Then, run this patch to make the trial a full program:
Ofcourse install it

Start proxifier. In proxy settings add SOCKS5 or SOCK4server, port 9050
In order to proxify only Afreeca make sure you set the proxification rules:
process only the following: Afreecaplayer.exe, ip:, port 3456

8. Log in to and click the blue button. You are supposed to open the player. This way you started Afreeca and you don't need anythign else anymore, no switching from proxies, no unticking...

GOOD LUCK and post your results

So this works fantastic, try it out, post results here :D

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