Ok so here my problem...

My friend has a samsung 42" plasma tv that she bought but like usual it went past its warranty and then broke.

So after a bit of playing around on the internet and coming across a million threads on bad capacitors i dismantled the whole thing and sure enough it had two bad capacitors which i replaced.

That didn't fix the problem (clicking over and over like trying to turn on). so i took the back off and unplugged the y sustain board and and plugged the power back in and i get the boot up audio.

If i plug the power cable from the main board to the y-board then it won't power up at all, it just clicks like its trying but never boots.

Is this problem a bad y-board or could it be the main board still? I'm presuming itcan't be a bad bufferboard cos that would just affect the picture on the y side?

If anyone knows about this type of stuff of has had this problem then any help would be appreciated.

I don't really want to buy a new y-board and then find out its the main power board.