1. Introduction

New release for android.
SopCast Android version is a general player. Supports android smart phone, pad, set-top-box and other devices with Android 2.2+. Besides playing SopCast P2P live channels, it also can play most types of local audio and video files, and URL-based streaming media. SopCast efforts to reduce CPU usage and only buffer data in memory, no harm to your storage. enjoy it!

Android version can be run on:
  • Android 2.2 or above

2. Download and Install

Download Android version from http://download.easetuner.com/download/SopCast.apk

3. Main Interface

3.1 loading

3.2 Channel list

3.3 Main menu

3.3 Server

3.5 Sort Channel

3.6 Playing live channel

3.7 Local file list

3.8 Playing local file

3.9 About