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    Default Wiziwig Uber Challenge

    I stumbled upon this off of our playoff challenge group page, group name is Wiziwig, pass is wiziwig.

    Welcome to the 2011 version of Uber Challenge, the ultimate Fantasy Game competition! The objective of the Uber game is simple: Accumulate the most points in as many games as possible from the available ESPN Fantasy Games. You will be awarded points from your best team/entries by the following criteria:
    Uber 2011 Scoring Breakdown
    Cat Criteria Pts
    A Best 5 teams. Max 3 teams from any 1 game. 5,000
    B Best 8 games 4,000
    C Best 4 games 1,000
    Total possible UBER 2011 Points 10,000

    See the Uber 2011 Schedule for a list of all the games being offered this year. Note that all games are subject to change.

    There is no formal entry into Uber. If you've ever played (or are currently playing) any ESPN Fantasy Game you're already entered. UBER is not only about the competition (though there are prizes awarded), it's also a rating system on how well you stack up against the best Fantasy Game players in the world. Good luck with the season!
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